Hope Shines Brightest
in darkest Moments
Let orphans feel
your warmth
Don't leave
orphans alone...

SAATH DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY It visualizes socially equal and economically
prosperous society where the entire citizens enjoy their
rights with peace and harmony.


To Develop Human capital for promotion of equality, justice and well-being through awareness raising capacity building and organizing the people for social and economic sustainable Development.


To Improve livelihood condition of the most deprived segment of the society, such as small farmers, women, peasants, landless and laborers through sustainable and integrated development.

To promote income generation and entrepreneurial skills especially handicrafts, Agriculture-Business and Marketing techniques through provision of Micro Credit in rural areas of Sindh.


To form, mobilize and capacity enhancement of Community Development Associations, (CDAs), CBOs, VOs, Farmer groups, women groups and borrowers for the active participation in the sustainable development society To assist rural communities especially women and children in acquiring Gender Equality, better Environment, basic Education, Primary Health, and Human Rights through Social Mobilization and advocacy..

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